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Non Degree Course 1. Non Degree Course
1000 22/08/2021 01/10/2021
School of Business and Economics 1. Bachelor of Business Administration
2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting & Information Systems
3. Bachelor of Science in Economics
1000 22/08/2021 01/10/2021
School of Humanities and Social Sciences 1. BSS in Environment and Development Studies program
1000 04/09/2021 01/10/2021
School of Science and Engineering 1. BSc in Computer Science & Engineering
2. BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
1000 22/08/2021 01/10/2021
School of Science and Engineering 1. BSc in Civil Engineering
1000 04/09/2021 01/10/2021
About Us


The vision of UIU is to become the center of excellence in teaching, learning and research in the South Asian region.


The mission of UIU is to create excellent human resources with intellectual, creative, technical, moral and practical skills to serve community, industry and region. we do it by developing integrated, interactive, involved and caring relationships among teachers, students, guardians and employers.

To provide state of the art and standard education as preparation for higher studies or future employment in positions of responsibility across a worldwide range of ICT, Business, Social and Public Organizations.

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United City, Madani Avenue, Badda, Dhaka-1212

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